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NOTE: As a prerequisite for contesting, you are expected to formalize your entry by completing our contract form with our Legal/Corporate Affairs dept. Call 0803 710 0179,   ::: Miss Niger Delta focuses  on re-orientation of cultural values and attitudinal change as female youths of Niger Delta get set to show case the rich cultural heritage, talents, tourism potentials and traditional hospitality of the people of Niger Delta to local and international tourists visitors and investors.



Theme : One Voice for Peace and Love in Niger Delta and the Nation





2016 Contestants Entry Form

The Miss Niger Delta Peace Cultural Pageant is an annual event organised by Miss Niger Delta Beauty Pageant International; an organisation that is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria, with RC No. 404,688. 



The organisation is also registered with the Federal Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Copyright Commission of Nigeria, and trademark endorsement of Ministry of Commerce and Industry with the organisation having the proprietary right as proprietor of Miss Niger Delta Beauty Pageant. 


MND organisation is an accredited member of the Association of Beauty Pageant Organisers of Nigeria (ABPON)


The aims and objectives of the Miss Niger Delta event and post event projects are centred on re-orientation of values, socio-cultural integration, peace promotion, talent and skills development, training and capacity building for self reliance, self employment and empowerment of female youths of Niger Delta.


The Miss Niger Beauty Pageant is not all about fun fare of crowning beauty queens but one event with a purpose aimed at discovering and assisting talented female youths of the Niger Delta to play their roles as ambassadors for peace and development and  as proud daughters of Niger Delta.



The organisation has produced 12 beauty queens since its inception in 1999.  The functional titles of the crowns are: Ambassador for Peace and Development, Symbol of Talent, Model for Change, Face of Beauty, Pride of Niger Delta and Miss Niger Delta in Diaspora. 


These beauty queens are using their positions and offices to add value to life as well as bring about positive change and transformation in the region, as role models.  This project which started in 1999 is employed as a platform to project the image of the Niger Delta positively and also promote the rich cultural heritage of the region in culture, fashion, indigenous music, dance, traditional hospitality, as well as the beauty and unique sites of our tourism potentials. 


The pageant is organised with respect for the dignity of womanhood and our cultural values, hence the dress code of our contestants (traditional and dinner wears) which forbids indecent exposures during the events.

We wish you the very best in the Miss Niger Delta 2014 contest.



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